Festival Palomino – 9/20 – An Interview with Ryan Young


By Samuel Wigness

Trampled by Turtles, with help from First Avenue and 93.1 The Current, has invited their favorite bands to celebrate Festival Palomino at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN this Saturday. Continue reading

Chastity Brown announces new single “Colorado”

Chastity Brown

Chastity Brown has been busy and just getting started. “Colorado” is the first single off the new album coming out Spring 2015.

See her locally – September 6th, at The Rock Bend Folk Festival and September 8th at The Cedar Cultural Center.

She is also heading out on a European tour starting September 15th that goes through October 16th.

Watch for a Kickstarter campaign starting soon for the new album.

Check out the video for Colorado – http://www.muzu.tv/chastity-brown/colorado-music-video/2286098/


Secret Stash Record’s Will Gilbert Weighs In On Minneapolis Soul


By: Becca Martin

Rift: Why is Minneapolis ripe for soul acts like Sonny Knight and the Lakers, Wanda Davis, Black Diet, and Southside Desire? Continue reading

Interview with Botzy


By Becca Martin

Sitting across from Botzy over coffee he laid it out for me “Creativity at the rate of consumption.” He has been climbing a mountain since January, with FOUR releases in the space of THREE months. Three months? I know, feel challenged… Continue reading

The CC Club’s 80th Anniversary Bash Day Two


By: Becca Martin

Never got that disco nap before heading out into the blistering cold to join the second & final day festivities of the CC Club’s 80th anniversary bash.  The staff was in good spirits, tired but feeling a blush of success at having survived the first night of bringing back live music to the club. Continue reading

Road Reports Tres’


By Becca Martin

“Well, every band I’m sure has their Terrible Tour Story, but ours is this: we drove 8 hours to play a show in Chicago, got there to find they were not expecting us (they were nice, though, they let us open the night), got paid in the form of stale animal crackers (literally, they handed us a box and said: Hope this helps!), and spent the rest of the night driving around a harrowing part of Chicago looking for the place we were supposed to be staying.  When we finally got to the hotel, it was clear that we’d missed an episode of horrifying violence by about 45 seconds.  The next day we just drove home in silence, and ate the animal crackers.  Not funny then, but very funny now.  It’s become our Gauge of Success.  Did we get paid more than stale animal crackers?  If yes, then Success!  If not, then Depression.”

*Pennyroyal (Angie Oase)


Road Reports…


By Becca Martin

See behind the stage into the revealed lives of Minnesota musicians on tour in their own words.

“One of the best parts of being on the road is listening to and discovering/rediscovering artists together as a band.  Our vehicle of choice has a CD player and a radio that works sometimes, so the ease of an iPod was out.  We spent some time scouring record stores looking for the albums we were craving.  We came out with an awesome Sam Amidon album, “I see the sign.”  It has a beautiful cover of R. Kelly’s “Relief”. I think we listened to that song at least 40 times and that album almost as much.  There was also a dark, rainy hour in which we dove deep into Lisa Loeb’s second album. “Firecracker.”  This was great in a very different, 90’s nostalgia sort of a way.”

-Jenny Kapernick (The Ericksons)



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