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Lori Barbero Talks – Life, Music, and Legacy

Lori Barbero at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis

Photo courtesy Tony Nelson:

Written by: Becca Martin

“Babes in Toyland get outta town, I’d rather listen to gerbils in a blender than Kat’s vocals from Hell!” How did the infamous tee shirt slogan come to be? It was from an anonymous City Pages reviewer. She went on to say how she loved it. “Oh my God! It was the best thing ever! Some people would go home and cry, and write an angry letter. I was like, this is the best fucking thing for promo! Didn’t affect me, any emotion is good, a lot of people don’t have emotions anymore, technology is killing the world.” She is concerned that as we progress technologically, we are losing the ability to really relate in a deep and real way. “People have to keep doing genuine, artistic acts, and not rely on technology, it will kill you. I am just not into it, communication is faster, but is it better? People have lost connections, looking at one another and talking.“ Continue reading

Prolix To Make Debut Performance In Minnesota


One of the most prolific names in bass music makes his debut performance in Minneapolis on Friday, May 9.

Prolix will be a familiar name to most hardened Drum and Bass heads, with a back catalogue that has seen releases on some of the most prolific and respected labels in the industry such as Playaz Recordings, Metalheadz, Commercial Suicide, Ganja Tek, Project 51, Virus and most recently, RAM Records.

His unique style of production has achieved international recognition and in 2011, he started Trendkill Records.

As his reputation grew, Prolix soon found himself collaborating with an array of artists from across the genre such as American super producer Gridlok, Klute and Noisia, as well as remixing the likes of Ed Rush and Optical and Chase and Status. It was with his work for the latter, however, that led to an introduction to pioneers DJ Hype and Pascal, which began the conception of sister label, Ganja Tek, for the sole purpose of releasing his distinct and personal sound. Since then, Prolix’s production has gone from strength to strength, securing radio support from BBC 1Xtra’s Bailey, Friction and Mary Ann Hobbs.

His label Trendkill Records has also gathered a strong following after releases with artists such as Gridlok, DLR, Silent Witness and Klute.

Having toured America, Canada, and Australia, Prolix is well known for his high energy, floor-filling DJ sets. As well as doing his own headline shows across Europe, he has also shared the stage with some of the top names in drum and bass including Sub Focus, Chase and Status, and Spor.


Prolix, with opening acts Everest and Ryan C

Friday, May 9, 2014

10:00 PM


$10 at the door, presale available through

Ground Zero Nightclub

15 NE 4th Street

Minneapolis, Minn. 55414

For more information on the event, visit:


batteryboy & Gabriel Douglas Present: The Southern Theatre Sessions

southern theater poster 1

By: Becca Martin

“I wanted to hear bands that I like in a great place, to showcase good people, that think like I do. Often when you are in a band the only music you see is the others on the same bill. I picked artists that I would like to see and play with.” That was the driving force behind the Southern Theatre’s three-day acoustic showcase that Cobey Rouse of the band batteryboy organized.  TWELVE BANDS OVER THREE NIGHTS.

I wanted to learn more about this ambitious project, and sat down with Cobey one late night to chat about it. There had to be a tremendous amount of effort to secure dates, a venue, the artists, and then promotion-ultimately hoping that there will be an audience. Rouse and his band batteryboy got the job done with the help of great people, particularly Gabe Douglas of the band The 4onthefloor.

As I delved deeper it was clear that batteryboy has a unique sound, one that has been profoundly influenced by the orchestral folk of Cloud Cult. Ten years ago Rouse had all but quit music. That all changed when he saw Cloud Cult and felt charged up to play music again. To this day he treasures the set list that he has from the first time Cloud Cult played “Energy”. Cloud Cult has set the bar high as very unique players in the music scene. They aren’t exactly radio easy but are much beloved by “outside of the box” radio stations and especially by their dedicated fans. Cloud Cult has succeeded in creating a home for their art, and Rouse clearly respects and has drawn inspiration from that. Batteryboy has evolved to a point where Rouse can write from melodies now to get the structure. “Listen and the lyrics come, and that is it.” The song “Minus One Together” is a beautiful example of this. The lyrics read like a poem. You can see the video and the lyrics here:

Clearly, batteryboy needed to find their place in the Minneapolis music scene. With their unique sound it can be difficult for the band to fill just any slot or play any random venue. Sometimes you find it; sometimes you have to create it.  Cobey and the band decided to take the leap and make a place for their sound. “(We) need to create, to play meaningful shows for other musicians. We deserve to share art and be able to appreciate it. To create events to spread that mentality, to not depend on venues but create the venues.”

This concept has been blossoming in the Twin Cities over the last few years with the likes of Live Letters, Torch, and Sweet 317 to name a few. Events created with the motivation to showcase artists in a spot where they can connect with a similarly intentioned audience. Where you don’t have to fight to be heard, no game on the TV’s, no pool table, no extreme chatter. Rouse, Douglas, and batteryboy have created a path to where they can find “a place to emote, as art, with music as the feature, not just background.” With the overall goal being: “concerts above context.”

The Southern Session’s line-up is like a who’s who of local Twin City’s elite: Taj Raj, Farewell Milwaukee, Gabriel Douglas (of 4OTF) & Lott all signed on for the first night. The Ericksons, batteryboy, The Farewell Circuit, Nick Costa (of The Persons & The People) fill out the bill for night two. The final night is not to be missed with the Katy Vernon Band, Carroll, The Melismatics, and Fairfax, AK.

Rouse doesn’t exactly know where the Southern Theatre’s Sessions will lead but the journey itself may turn out to be the teacher. This will be a very special series to experience as each night promises to showcase a different aspect of our amazing music scene. If you are like-minded and have the desire to connect in a meaningful way with music then I will see you at the Southern!

CC Club 80th Anniversary Bash Day One


By Becca Martin

There have been numerous & definitive articles chronicling the 80-year-old history of the CC Club.   So I don’t feel the need to rehash its pre-prohibition days up until its 1980’s height and the local greats that for all intents and purposes lived, loved & worked there. Continue reading



By Becca Martin

As I write this article the creative team of photographer Sara Montour and audio man Steve Korff, whom fondly refer to themselves as “hoarders of nostalgia” embark on the second year of their collaboration: Live Letters.  There have been some changes and I recently sat down with Sara to chat about it. Continue reading

Patrick’s Cabaret: Singer/Songwriter Series 9/8


Patrick’s Cabaret presents the Singer/Songwriter Series featuring a mix of talented, emerging, and established artists. The next Series, on Friday, September 13, features:

Robin Kyle (of BlackAudience/Valet)
Robin Kyle is a native of Belfast who moved stateside in 1994. Kyle played acoustic sets in local circles after moving from Ireland at the age of 17, but soon wanted to move his music in a different, more rocking direction.

Midwest Paul Cook (of Jack Klatt & CatSwingers)
Midwest Paul Cook was born and raised in rural southern Minnesota. Now based out of Northeast Minneapolis, he plays old time blues and ragtime inspired by the music of the 20s, 30s and 40s.

Drew Peterson (of Dead Pigeons)
Drew Peterson’s music is like “coming home.” In a world where heartache bursts at the proverbial seams, Drew’s voice brings calm and peace. He lives in a small cabin in northern Minnesota writing and recording.

There will be one additional performer, to be announced.

Event Details: 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Doors at 7:30 PM, Music at 8:00 PM

$8 in advance from artists and $10 tickets at the door (cash or check only)

Patrick’s Cabaret

3010 Minnehaha Avenue South 

(612) 724-6273

Patrick’s Cabaret supports artists in their growth and development by encouraging artists of all experience levels to try new things, take risks or present works in progress. We serve a diverse range of artists, from emerging to experienced, from teenagers to seniors. The Cabaret’s first commitment is to serve the needs of local performing artists, specifically reaching out to artists of color and GLBT/queer-identified artists and those with disabilities.

Event – Taylor Sound Open House

Talyor Sound Poster

Square Lake Film & Music Festival 8/10


Lots of great local music and film for this day long festival. Featuring Dark Dark Dark, Heavy Deeds, Greg Grease, Crimes, Moors & McCumber, Food Pyramid, Body Omara, Is/Is and dozens of locally produced animations/independent films.

Wiping Out Thousands 8/3 at Kitty Cat Klub



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