Tired Tongues wag at the Turf Club 11/02


Photo Credit: Matt Barnes

By Becca Martin

Rift really LOVED Wiping Out Thousands, and felt sad when news of its demise spread. The city was left with an electronic void. However, out of its ashes a new electronic rock duo has emerged. Be witness to Tired Tongues at their first show this Sunday at the Turf Club. I sat down to catch up with Taylor Nelson who comprises half of the duo.

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Win a copy of What Tyrants Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl


Shoot an email to rich@riftmagazine.com to win a copy of What Tyrants 7″ Single.

Also catch them this Friday – 11/1 at The Turf Club.



CULTURE: The Sex Rays, St Paul Slim, Flasher, Luna Rouge 10/30 at Bedlam Theater


Check out full event info here – https://www.facebook.com/events/306351779567020/



Chris Koza – In Real Time – Album Release 10/28


This album is officially released today.  – For more info – chriskoza.com

Mayda – New Century Sessions + The Lowertown Line – 10/29


This show on October 29th, 7:30 at The New Century Theatre will be featured on tpt’s latest season of The Lowertown Line and will be broadcast on public television in partnership with tpt’s Rewire.

FIX – Single Release – Firewalking


By Clara Tsac

Minneapolis-based hip hop collective F to I to X released single “Firewalking” on October 15. Joe Horton of No Bird Sing and Crescent Moon of Kill The Vultures maneuver the hook over synth screeches and an intense, alt-rock beat produced by Graham O’Brien of No Bird Sing and Anatomy of Kill The Vultures. This single would fit perfectly in both a testosterone-spiking UFC promo and an eyeliner-requisite heavy metal bar.

Song can be purchased here or viewed on youtube.


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