Interview with Botzy


By Becca Martin

Sitting across from Botzy over coffee he laid it out for me “Creativity at the rate of consumption.” He has been climbing a mountain since January, with FOUR releases in the space of THREE months. Three months? I know, feel challenged… Continue reading

Beasthead – “Tallest Trees”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

Not that long ago, Beasthead sent in a video to Rift; it was of them playing at a house party. I’d never heard of Beasthead, but I really liked what I heard. Then they sent us a link to their newest EP, “Tallest Trees.” And I won’t lie, I was somewhat at a loss on how to describe them (this is my second pass at writing this review).

It’s too easy to describe Beasthead’s sound as ambient, although that’s one component – “Tallest Trees” is more of a continually evolving soundscape. Their music’s effect is like taking in visual art; much like looking at a fine painting, their music doesn’t require constant involvement on the listener’s part, he/she can hang in the background and simply add to the atmosphere, but this particular atmosphere is rife with sonic richness.

There’s a silky texture to the vocals and instruments as they thread around each other and finally intertwine. While at times it sounds a little disintegrated, more listens reveal simple, delicate loops that give way to fainter and shadowy works.

Beasthead is comprised of Harry Reynolds (vocals, guitar), Doug Deitchler (guitar, synth, percussion), Nick Whebbe (guitar) and Paul Novak (bass).

There are five tracks on this EP and “Numbers” and “Louder” were my favorites. Local rapper Dem Atlas is a guest vocalist on “Different Son.”

As much as I really like “Tallest Trees,” there’s just one thing I didn’t like: I am not a fan of autotuning vocals. At the beginning of “Numbers” you’ll hear Reynolds’ voice and in my opinion, it doesn’t need any affecting. Like I said, it’s just my opinion.

I recommend you buy “Tallest Trees,” listen, experience and repeat.

The EP is available online; hard copies of “Tallest Trees” will be available for free at Beasthead’s live shows.

Music Video – Bobby Phisher – “Untouchables” feat. A.Def (of Soulcrate)

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 7.49.38 AM

Music Track – Desdamona – The Girlfriend


Pre-Order – SIFU HOTMAN (Guante + Dem Atlas + Rube)


From The Press Release:

SIFU HOTMAN is a hip hop collaboration between MCs Guante & Dem Atlas and producer Rube. Featuring funky, up-tempo beats perfect for the b-boys and b-girls paired with razor-sharp lyrics from two of the most singular voices in Twin Cities hip hop, this three-song suite will be released on vinyl and digital download on August 13, 2013.

Review – Botzy – Buck Fotzy


By: Becca Martin

Botzy has been waiting for a moment. Well, his arrival is imminent. Catch his CD release party for the album Buck Fotzy, Saturday, July 13th at the Triple Rock Social Club. The album was released on July 9th from the label Fake Four Distro. The release is well crafted with a great mix of hip-hop, old school scratch, catchy lyrics, and some creative tracks featuring retro feeling horns, and piano. Continue reading

Music Video – C.M.J. – Tie-Dye Sky

Official Website:
Bandcamp Page:
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
MySpace Page:
YouTube Channel:

Desdamona “Mr. Pretender” Release 5/31 at the Kitty Cat Klub.


Desdamona is an inspiring artist who should be heard by everyone. You can check out an interview with her over at Millwind, and tomorrow she is releasing a new single.

Here is the full info from her press release: Continue reading

Crunchy Kids’ Mint


By Kristine Volvsek

Minneapolis hip-hop group Crunchy Kids just released their second album, Mint. A little less jazzy than their first album Crunchy Kids, Mint allowed the band to experiment with new sounds. Continue reading

Music Review – Whittier Alliance


By Kristine Volovsek

Whittier Alliance is Haphduzn’s debut album produced by Dimitry Killstorm. With 14 tracks, it has a good length – just under 50 minutes. The first thoughts I had after listening to this album were something like “woah… rough life, yo…” You can tell that Haphduzn’s a little older and more mature than many other rappers starting out today. I don’t mean any disrespect by that, I just mean that instead of rapping about partying and girls he’s rapping about being sober, raising kids, and about how he’s overcome a lot of struggles. The album name is a reference to the Whittier neighborhood both Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm are residents of. Whittier Alliance doesn’t sugarcoat a damn thing, and cunningly blends old sounds with new. It’s reminiscent of the gangsta rap from years ago but with a lighter feel. Continue reading


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