Review – Katy Vernon – Before I forget


By Nick Habisch

There’s not many ways to explain Minnesota’s recently chaotic weather patterns: Snow, rain, warm weather, then more of the same. It has been off the wall in terms of predictability, but with the wet, cloudy days comes an opportunity to really appreciate the albums that wouldn’t seem complete in the bright shining sun. One of these such albums is from local artist Katy Vernon. Continue reading

Mad Ripple Hootenanny for Allison Locey’s Birthday.


Help the Mad Ripple Hootenanny celebrate the birthday of one of the Twin Cities’ most passionate music fans! With Jim Walsh, Brianna Lane, Mayda, Katy Vernon, Ben Glaros, Ashleigh Still, Martin Devaney, Frank Randall, Chris Perricelli, Terry Walsh, Eliza Blue and more!

Wednesday, December 26th 8:00pm
The Turf Club
1601 University Avenue, St. Paul MN 55104


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