Secret Stash Record’s Will Gilbert Weighs In On Minneapolis Soul


By: Becca Martin

Rift: Why is Minneapolis ripe for soul acts like Sonny Knight and the Lakers, Wanda Davis, Black Diet, and Southside Desire? Continue reading

Just another Saturday Night at First Avenue

Farewell Milwaukee at First Avenue

By Becca Martin
Photos By Tony Nelson

Just another Saturday night in the Mainroom of First Avenue, or was it? Continue reading

Interview with Scott Laurent “Love Don’t Let Me Down”


By: Becca Martin

In part, Dan Wilson may be to blame or to praise, as a reason why MN rocker Scott Laurent-a musician with a respected name and success, left his hometown. “I was recording some new songs with Dan Wilson, when I was entertaining the idea about moving to Nashville. I really needed a change. Dan, and many others, gave me the encouragement I needed to make the move.” Continue reading

Review – Little Man – Original Face


By Becca Martin

I don’t usually start an album review with a thank you but, why not? Yep, thank you Little Man for making this record. Get ready to Love “Original Face”, here’s why: Continue reading

Interview with Botzy


By Becca Martin

Sitting across from Botzy over coffee he laid it out for me “Creativity at the rate of consumption.” He has been climbing a mountain since January, with FOUR releases in the space of THREE months. Three months? I know, feel challenged… Continue reading

Album Review – Pennyroyal – Baby I’m Against It


By Becca Martin

“ A little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll”- I never thought that I would quote that but it is true.  Pennyroyal plays music that makes you want to tap your feet.  This is a band on the rise. “Baby I’m Against It” is exceptional.  It is their second release and was produced/engineered by the talented Ed Ackerson at Flower Studios in Minneapolis.  Ed is well known for BNLX & Polara and just recently produced The “Songs for Slim” project. Pennyroyal’s sound is robust with a purity of form and function in it.  Elements of alt country are heard with a soul of rock and roll. Continue reading

Review – Robots From The Future – Entendres


By Kristine Volovsek

The first 15 seconds of Robots from the Future’s Entendres made me think I was getting into some sort of weird dub step album.  However, when the vocals and guitar came in on the first track, my fears were subdued.  Throughout Entendres they play with robotic, computer-esque, and synthy sounds which I found rather fitting and fun.  Though the name Robots from the Future, to me, connotes something new – perhaps a sound that hasn’t been done before – this album kept reminding me of other bands.  My impression is that I can hear who, perhaps, influenced Robots from the Future but I can also hear how they’re trying to expand on those sounds and create their own.  Continue reading

Review – Fathom Lane – Self Titled


By Becca Martin

Just a year after the debut of Fathom Lane’s first album “Down by Half” the band is set to release their self-titled follow up. Self financed through Michael’s own label Longplayer Records the recording was done on vinyl.  This was in line with the band’s mission to replicate the sounds that Michael grew up with in the 1970’s.  Ferrier noted influences like Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. Continue reading

Road Reports #1


By Becca Martin

See behind the stage into the revealed lives of Minnesota musicians on tour in their own words.

“When we played in Pittsburgh, Adam To (Moonstone Continuum) and friends from Minneapolis were the best hosts!  They happen to be killer chefs and we arrived at their sweet pad to find an incredible spread…homemade falafel, gnocchi, pad thai, curry stew, beet salad and rice krispie treats to name a few.  We stuffed our faces after hauling the gear up a few flights to be safe overnight.  Three hours of sleep later, we repacked the van to get our tired booties to NYC in time for load in.”

-Hannah von der Hoff currently on an East coast tour with Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps.


The Great Went Have Gone There – Interview


By Tim Kraus

Discussing homebrew and interesting TED talks at the home of The Great Went bassist Kevin Hurley, one might not expect that this group of cordial fellows was the same group behind The Great Went’s melodic and thunderous new self-titled release.  The Minneapolis kings of delay (a begrudgingly accepted title) methodically wrote this layer-cake of an album earlier in 2013, before recording and mastering at SignatureTone Recording with the increasingly infamous Adam Tucker. Continue reading


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