Resident Artists IX: In Rule of Thirds – Art Opening – 1/4/2013


A cool art exhibit at Altered Esthetics – From their website:

Resident Artists IX: In Rule of Thirds

Three is a powerful number in science, religion, music, and the arts. For our ninth annual resident artist exhibition, artists incorporate the number three or triptychs.

*Ae’s annual “Resident Artists” exhibition is an opportunity for us to showcase our past exhibiting artists, our regulars that have shown their work with us many times over the years. Any artist who has participated in three or more past Ae exhibitions is eligible to submit work for this January 2013 exhibition.

Run dates: January 3-24, 2013

Opening: Friday, January 4, 7pm-10pm

Artists’ Discussion: Saturday, January 12th, 1pm-3pm

Margaret M. Gamache
Morgan Pease
Dan McCormack
Summer Scharringhausen
Matt Haggenmiller
Cherie Hacker
Vigee Blue
Andrea Edstrom
James Powell
Dominique Winders
Melissa Borman

Image features Melissa Borman – Triptych from the series Sea Level


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