Music Review – Rudy Pavich – The White Toast EP


Rift Album Review: Rudy Pavich, The White Toast EP

By Christine Mlodzik

The White Toast EP’s songs are short, but each brims with character, boasting a cheekiness reminiscent of They Might Be Giants and Camper Van Beethoven. All would translate very well live and probably result in a raucous sing-along or two. Even as I listened, I found myself toe-tapping.

“Tulips in Windows” starts off the EP with what sounds like a circus calliope. Pavich is the ringmaster about to take us into something a little otherworldly, which could be the accordion in “Rebuild Rome.” Unexpected, yes, but not at all out of place. Other than polka bands and Weird Al Yankovic, there aren’t too many other instances where you’ll hear an accordion and it makes sense – and works.

“White Toast” is the EP’s strongest track; it’s rife with smartass-y lyrics, solid musicianship and strong vocals. If any one track shows Pavich’s personality best, this is it.

My only snit with The White Toast EP is “Transmogrification;” I have no clue what to make of it. If it was thrown in to fill space, throw it back out. It’s a weird and uncomfortable transition, like petting a cat or dog’s fur, then your hand lands on a patch of reptilian scales. It not only feels odd, it doesn’t fit with the rest of the whole.

Pavich’s EP is not likely to start a dance phenomenon or awaken political consciousness, and that’s just fine. It seems we forget it’s okay to enjoy music, for no other reason than just to enjoy music and The White Toast EP is enjoyable.

The White Toast EP will be available at its release party on February 20, 2013, at Honey in Minneapolis.


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