Review: Still Pacific “Cage Heart Hammer”


Still Pacific “Cage Heart Hammer” By Christine Mlodzik

Still Pacific was formed by the husband and wife team of Brad Weller and Tracy Tabery-Weller. Between the two of them, they’ve played in the Minneapolis bands Brown Star, Hicky Party, The Psychedelicates and Rebel Yellow; drummer Stuart Lysne played drums with them in Rebel Yellow. Bassist Tim Ritter was Shapeshifter, Astronaut Wife and Bella Koshka prior to joining.

Still Pacific lists their influences as The Beach Boys, The Wedding Present, Joy Division and 60s girl groups. Even without knowing their influences, their latest EP “Cage Heart Hammer” is a jaunt back to the 80s.

“One Way Home” starts off the EP and the 80s vibe is front and center, as are Tabery-Weller’s Missings Persons-esque vocals. While some might like it, I find the quirky, semi-falsetto voice distracting from both the music and the lyrics.

“I Am The Monster” is a standout track. The harmonizing is beautiful and something I hope they capitalize on in future releases.

Still Pacific’s songs offer great hooks, they’re catchy and it’s clear its members have pretty solid music chops, but rely a little too heavily on their influences, not allowing their own sound to be more prominent. Once their influences become an echo, they’ll be a great listen.


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