“She’s Not There – The Myth of the Muse” 1/25 at Gallery 122 at Hang It.


Seeing Through by Gabriela Husch

From the Facebook event page – Full Listing

Gallery 122 at Hang It presents a group exhibition curated by Douglas Beasley featuring over 20 artists from across the US and Canada; all focusing on one model, Marlene Tupy. The opening is Friday January 25th from 7-9pm and is free and open to the public, and runs through March 9th. The photos are a result of workshops taken place at the Minneapolis Photo Center and Vision Quest workshops in the Badlands and Wisconsin. This is an intriguing kaleidoscope of different visions, approaches and execution, all using the same subject. The photographers may think they are ‘capturing her essence’ or at best saying something about who Marlene is, but really they are telling us more about themselves.

“She’s Not There – The Myth of the Muse”
Opening – Friday, January 25th 7-9
Gallery 122 at Hang It. – 122 8th Street SE Minneapolis



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