Hexagon February Schedule

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 6.46.08 AM

Here is the full February Hexagon Schedule – Starting with this weekend.

*Wed. Jan. 30th~The Turkeltons, New McCarthy and Stat Dad
*Thurs. Jan. 31st~Animal Lover (Record Release), Miami Dolphins, Les Deux Magots and Nerv (Iowa City)
*Fri. Feb. 1st~The Hasps, ESG-LSD (the all-ESG covers band), Weakwick and Dentist
*Sat. Feb. 2nd~Thee Unholy 3, Cantakerous Folk, The Kindred Spirits and Bloodwood
*Tue. Feb. 5th~TBA
*Thurs. Feb. 7th~Black Actress (Chicago) and TBA
*Fri. Feb. 8th~Claps, Hollow Boys, Real Numbers and The Velveteens
*Sat. Feb. 9th~Still Pacific, Kiss or Kill (members of Ear Candy, Selby Tigers, Kentucky Gag Order), Deaf Mexico and Painted Ponies (members of PInk Mink, Calvin Krime)
*Sun. Feb. 10th~The Right Here, The Bent Left (Kansas City), Sleepyhead

*Tue. Feb. 12th~Apocalypse Meow and TBA
*Thur. Feb. 14th~Valentines Night Special at The Hex Featuring Orchyd and Glimpse
*Fri. Feb. 15th~Laura Hoenack’s birthday party!! W/Pennyroyal, Southside Desire and Tyler Haag
*Sat. Feb. 16th~Bruder, Hot Ashes (CD Release), Prozac Rat and Ten Count Junky

*Tue. Feb. 19th~Luc Parker’s Annual B-day Jamboree w/ Frozen Teens, Dentist., Wild! Wing, Ugly Motors
*Thur. Feb. 21st~Nancy’s Raygun, Holographic Sands and TBA
*Fri. Feb. 22nd~The Hasbeen (Reunion show), Discord Syndicate, Diver Dress, These Unknown and stand up by Mike Heraly
*Sat. Feb. 23rd~Our Own End (Record Release), The Menstual Tramps, The Right Here and Dear Cops

*Tue. Feb. 26th~TenderLovinKaraoke w DJ Tomb Raider 2 w/ bands tba!
*Thur. Feb. 28th~Oblivian,Tiger Blue, Dingus and The Desert Vest
*Fri. March 1st~Slow Death, Arms Aloft, Brain Tumors and Dead Skull
*Sat. March 2nd~Pink Mink and TBA



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