Mixed Blood Majority review

Mixed Blood Majority review

By Kristine Volovsek

When I first heard the name Mixed Blood Majority, I had some mixed reactions. It’s the kind of name that makes you think – might even bring up things that fester or boil. It immediately gives off the sense that this isn’t some catchy, top-40-type, pop-rap album.

One of Minneapolis’ newest “super groups” has released an EP combining their talents. Mixed Blood Majority is a collaboration that has been talked about for years. Rumor has it that Joe Horton (of No Bird Sing) and Crescent Moon (of Kill the Vultures) would get together over brunch, and eventually, “it went from can you pass the hot sauce to do you want to make a record?” The dynamic between these two talented rappers is incredible. With the addition of Lazerbeak (from Doomtree), Mixed Blood Majority was born.

Off the bat, I had two album favorites. The almost harshly industrial sound of “Still Standing Still” and lyrical flow of “Ritual” are striking. They’re also easy to get up and move to – high energy. The more I listened to the album, the more “Fine Print” began to speak to me. “Knock knock knockin’ on the door to rock bottom..” This song appeals to anyone who has ever struggled. “Did you read the fine print?” “Nah, man. But I signed it..”

A lot of these tracks make me think about American frustrations – like how we’re all “stung by the money bug.” Inevitably, one gets caught in the continuous flow of “Dead Weight,” and then Toki Wright helps tell a story. The lyrics of “Hallucination Music” echo in your mind: “deception is a weapon… peace is a shattered mirror…”

Though there is a familiar intensity and darkness, the back-and-forth play between Crescent Moon and Joe Horton give a completely different feel than what we’ve heard from them before. This project has seemed to have given them a new invigorating sense of energy.

Less than a week ago I had the opportunity to check out Mixed Blood Majority’s CD release party with Guante and Big Cats and LaLiberte (always magical to see and hear Maggie Morrison!). Great vibes and energy at the show.

You don’t get bored listening to this album. It’s a sound that brings together all three of their styles. The low voices make the heavy lyrics sound even heavier, and paired with Beak’s beats the listener is hooked. Mixed Blood Majority seems to be about doing something collaborative, cohesive, and challenging with Minneapolis hip-hop artists who respect each other. Whether your focus is on the lyrics, the beats, whatever – you’re given a lot to think about and process. For me this album is associated with a cool concept, and people who believe in and work toward their dreams. Looking forward to hearing more!

Get the album and maybe even a t-shirt too http://ftoitox.bandcamp.com/album/mixed-blood-majority-2


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