Review – Dave Mehling – Broke Heart Songs


Dave Mehling – Broke Heart Songs
Review by Becca Martin

How ironic, that I find myself given the task to review an album with the title: “Broken Heart Songs” just before Valentine’s Day. Really Rift? Well, all right I am game.  

Hmm…Valentine’s Day, a day that makes most men want to run, a day full of high expectations for men to deliver on their feelings. Something most have just a little bit of trouble with.  But, not Dave Mehling, not in the case of his latest release at least.  Performing since the age of sixteen, this Duluth native has feelings that he is not afraid to air out. How un-Midwest of him!

In “Broken Heart Songs” Mehling creates a world of love lost, broken, and the yearning for its redemption. He may not get what he wants in the end, but the journey is quite enjoyable.  You are drawn in with his lyrics. They speak of very universal issues of love which we all have, but few of us have the talent to give them a voice.  Dave Mehling possesses this rare gift.  Comparisons have been made to Ryan Adams, and Damien Rice.  In “Lucinda”, Mehling’s voice nearly cracks in all the most heartfelt places.  He puts you there right in the middle of the drama.  You like this drama because thankfully it is not yours!

“Broken Heart Songs” seems more soulful, and less produced than Mehling’s previous offerings.  The sound is full, honest, but does not overpower the vocals. The band consists of seven members who set just the right tone, one accented with a blues vibe, and a nice clear channel guitar.  Horns, slide, and a cello round it out well.

Broken hearted or not, this got to me. Give it a listen and see if it gets to you too. Oh, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! We are expecting great things!


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