“Off the Cuff: A Series of Improvised Collaboration” – at The Aster – 2/24


Photo by: Corina Bernstein; corinabernstein.com

This musical experiment will be very cool. It’s always fun to see artists play off each other and come up with something “Off The Cuff”. Their facebook listing seems to sum it up pretty well.

“Off the Cuff will be a monthly event held at the Aster Cafe, seeking to explore collaboration between Twin Cities musicians and artists in an improvisational setting. Each night will feature two new and unique sets of local indie musicians from different backgrounds collaborating on the spot. The artist lineup will be fluid and varied, drawing from indie circuits such as pop, rock, electronic, hip hop, r&b, and jazz. The series will be curated by local bassist Andrew Foreman.”

“The rotating lineup guarantees a different show every night, offering unique approaches to group improvisation up close and personal in the venue’s intimate setting (which will feature happy hour food and drink specials).”

“Off the Cuff: A Series of Improvised Collaboration”
Various Artists – Full Listing
Sunday, February 24th.
Aster Cafe – 125 Southeast Main Street Minneapolis

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