Hart Lake Mystery EP

Hart Lake Mystery image

Review By Christine Mlodzik

Hart Lake Mystery’s Web site says their EP was recorded in two days in August 2012. The one thing it doesn’t say is how long these guys have either known each other or played together because just one song in and you can hear this is a tight, solid band.

At its core, this five-song EP is melodic with catchy pop hooks. When “Sunny All The Time” starts, it’s clear Hart Lake Mystery knows know to write smart and listenable songs. And while each is good, two stand out for different reasons.

First, “Wrote You Off” throws in a hint of country twang with extra attitude. It doesn’t turn the song into pop country, but it does make it even more fun.

Second, “Solace Seeker” sounds a whole lot like the ‘Mats. That’s not a comparison I’ve made before or will make lightly, and I’d be surprised if they don’t hear that hear it more often.

“Ice Cream Heaven” circles around for another country-tinged track as the EP finishes with “Key On A Chain.”

If this EP is Hart Lake Mystery’s way of sticking their toe into the local music scene’s waters, next time, just dive right in because we need to hear more.



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  1. Thank you for the nice review, Christine! We truly appreciate it. Elliot (Singer/songwriter for HLM)

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