batteryboy at The Cedar on Friday, March 1st


batteryboy is very excited to be headlining The Cedar Cultural Center on Friday, March 1st. Initially Cobey Rouse’s solo project, batteryboy has recently recruited vocalist/violinist Shannon Frid (of Cloud Cult) and keyboardist/guitarist Eric Carranza (of Hot Date and Better Bones). These three artists create an emotionally primal experience. batteryboy has recently released their first single “Winter’s Gate” and will release their first full-length album around June 2013 (TBD).

The distinct sound of batteryboy results from how well each artist complements one another. Frid’s violin adds a certain sweetness to the already intimate harmonies of batteryboy, and her gentle vocals are the perfect pairing with Rouse’s. Carranza adds an integral layer of keys and electric guitar. Rouse pours his heart into batteryboy’s emotionally-charged and eloquent lyrics; I get the sense that they come straight from the soul.

The Cedar Cultural Center is the perfect venue for this evening of great local music. The bands are generously contributing $1.50 from each ticket sold to Vega Productions, a non-profit organization that helps ensure children and youth receive quality music and art education ( . batteryboy show-goers will also get to experience the “acoustic battlefield” and “relentless energy” of Fairfax, AK as well as the harmonies and folk sound of Portage. All ticket purchasers are eligible for a free copy of Portage’s album Landings. If you love local indie-rock, you need to go to this show.

Friday, March 1, 2013 – 8:00pm
Cedar Cultural Center
Doors Open: 7:00pm
Advance: $12.00
Day of show: $15.00


Event page:

First single “Winter’s Gate”


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