The Fairlead “Long Flight Home”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

“Long Flight Home” is the first full-length album by The Fairlead. Each of the 10 songs averages six to eight minutes long, yet organically ebb and flow into one another. The music is ambient, listenable and easily blends in with the listener’s background.

The first track, “Halestorm,” sets the tone, creating a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere. This album is predominantly instrumental; the first of the sparse vocals aren’t heard until the third track, “Head Heart Hands,” and then again only briefly afterwards. 

At the halfway mark, “Intermission” surprises with a short, yet tender, piano piece. “Solitude” will make your ears perk up as it’s more guitar-centric and more uptempo than the other tracks. “Reprise” ends the album, but begins where “Intermission” left off.

As we come to the end of dark and cold winter days, “Long Flight Home” is the soundtrack to usher in the light and warmth of spring.

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