Stacy K “Swarming with Frenzy, Swirling with Delight”


Review by Becca Martin

I was not familiar with the artist Stacy K prior to this review. One thing I was excited about was that it seemed she had had a bit of a hiatus since her last release. Curious what that would mean, would she be bursting with new material? As the title suggests?

Well, yes and no. I  feel for artists I really do. Naming an album is somewhat like naming your baby. It sticks around. So be careful with your choice! Love the name Cooper-rhymes with…well you know! I digress…There were moments of delight with the release. I find Stacy K at her best when she embraces her inner ingénue. I like the down tempo, whispery Stacy K.

There are beautiful moments that with the addition of the violin and piano bring you to a distant place, at times whimsical and eerie. In “Nobody Knows” a distinct blues vibe emanates. “Dream song” was my favorite and brought to mind a quiet and thoughtful Gwen Stefani. Less fond of the offerings that were heavier with the acoustic guitar.

I have not seen Stacy K play live, but I think that is where she will really shine. The Twin Cities area is just bursting with awesome female musicians! Watch out men!

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