Van Stee – We Are – Album Review

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Van Stee’s New Release Definitely Note Worthy

Review By Kami-O Betzina

A year in the making Minneapolis’s own Van Stee has finally released its long awaited album We Are.

Made up of Charlie Van Stee – Vocals, Guitar, Shawn Connelly – keyboards, Lance Conrad – Guitar, Jimmy Stofer – Bass and Josh Kaplan – Drums “We Are” is chalked full of catchy tunes such as its title tune; “We Are”, “Color in the Paper Planes” and  “When the Hammer Comes” all which have been in heavy rotation on 9.3 The Current. This album has musical energy from beginning to end.

Recorded at Humans Win! Studios in Northeast Minneapolis, We Are is an innovative, sonic ride of indy-pop riddled with off beat tempos and catchy lyrical hooks. It’s no wonder they are becoming a local force to reckon with!

Track Listing:
Track 1: We Are
Track 2: Send it Over
Track 3: Color in the Paper Planes
Track 4: Heart is Mending
Track 5: Gone to Russia
Track 6: When the Hammer Comes
Track 7: Painted Glass
Track 8: String of Glass
Track 9: Soul I’m Breaking
Track 10: Better Man

Van Stee’s Live performance on The current

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