Panic Button “Foxygene”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

After lending their talents to each other’s musical projects, Mach FoX and TQ4 teamed up to create their own musical incarnation, Panic Button. Their bio states they each share a taste for sci-fi, rock and synthesizers, and each element is prevalent in their new album, “Foxygene.”

The bio also goes on to say: “These songs are based on a loose concept of an alien invasion which takes place on future yet to be inhabited planet … the songs reflect the impending doom of the invasion, the panic to push the ‘end it all quickly’ button and the longing for a simpler time and place that we should not have destroyed. The utopia of our past.”

Reading this helps explains the album’s dichotomy of sound and feel.

The first track, “Thee Approach,” is the sound of the alien invasion, but the sound changes quickly with the next track, “Images in Time,” which veers into the dreamy and surreal. It’s an elegantly crafted, early 80s synth-pop new wave song, as are  “Hardest Sign,” “Artificial Life,” “Alien Vultures,” “Good Luck Captain,” “Panic Button,” “When We Drive” and “Worst I Can Do.”

The songs are brought back to earth, so to speak, by “Spiral Dimension” and “Thee Invasion,” which have the same space age automaton feel as “Thee Approach.” It seems apropos that both sounds are married in the final track, “Starry Skies.”

And a trip to the starry skies are just the journey Mach FoX and TQ4 will take you on.


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