Tru Ruts: ‘N.I.G.G.E.R.’ Sha Cage’s Provocative One Woman Show.


The work of Tru Ruts, with Sha Cage, E.G. Bailey and all of their collaborators over the years has been amazing. This new and  provocative show looks to push the boundaries, entertain us and make us think about and re examine the “N” word through a female point of view.

“I did intend to imply a positive acronym but wanted the audience to fill it in for themselves. The line through the word recently came through…me wanting to be clear that I’m not advocating (for) the word. I’m sparking a conversation.” –– Shá Cage

The Catalyst Series 
Intermedia Arts and Freestyle Theater Present
Shá Cage’s Solo Work: Humorous and Provocative!
8PM • Thursday – Sunday, March 7-10, 2013
$12 advance, student, senior • $15 door
Recommended for ages 14+

w/ guest collaborators Chastity Brown, Alissa Paris,
Janaki Ranpura, Leah Nelson, Chrys Carroll
directed by E.G. Bailey


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