Review – Youth at Large – Students


Review By Rich Horton

When first hearing the name of the band Youth At Large, I immediately thought of a young raw punk band. I was totally wrong on that account and was pleasantly surprised with the musical and refreshing offering, “Students”.

The songs are filled with dynamics, with changes in tempo and shifts in musical styles. You really don’t know what your going to get, until you hear it.

I really enjoyed the emotionally charged and somewhat mellow “These Priorities”. The song right after that “Just Friends” has a great intro that blasts off and then settles down and then blasts off again.

I don’t really think everyone is going to get what Youth At Large are doing, I originally labeled it pop, but it’s more experimental then that and the musical direction isn’t necessarily focused. Thats the main reason, I enjoyed it.

I look forward to seeing what direction this band takes next. The unique vocals and solid musical backdrop stand out in a music scene that tends to repeat itself.


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