Show Review – Live Letters – Featuring Mayda.


photograph from Live Letters

By Becca Martin

The night that I went to see Mayda host the Live Letters event I met Stevie Wonder. No kidding. He was warm, cuddly, and I let him sit in my lap.  Mayda also did a fantastic impression of him. FYI, Stevie is the Siamese cat of Live Letters co-creator Sara Montour.

Live Letters is born of the passion of photographer and art aficionado Sara Montour, along with Steve Korf. Since its inception in 2012, Live Letters has evolved into a rare gem that showcases the wonderful talent that the Twin Cities has to offer in a very unique way.

When you purchase a ticket for a nominal fee you are given the address of a Whittier neighborhood loft.  Upon your arrival you are greeted liked a friend, offered a cool libation along with homemade cookies, yes-cookies!  Amazing cookies.

The host musician handpicks several artists who play for hours just feet from you.  The acoustics of the loft were warm, and enveloping, and the plugged in, unplugged, and DJ assisted sets all sounded great.

As the host, Mayda was relaxed and charming.  She played a lively set as usual and maintained her connection to the audience easily in the informal setting. Hannah von der Hoff, Adam Levy, Claire de Lune, Sarah White and Rico were her guest artists that night. A round robin of songs was performed that reflected their experiences of love and individual growth.  Personal anecdotes contributed to the overall intimacy of the evening.

Let me express my gratitude to Sara and Steve for creating such an inspiring event. Live Letters is a nurturing showcase for the many talented artists who inhabit the local music community, which seems to be growing bigger and better all of the time.

I will be back for more at the Live Letters loft this upcoming Thursday, March 14 at 7pm for the next show in which Fathom Lane, Holly Newsom, and Brent Colbert will perform. Oh, and Sara-how about that cookie recipe?


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