Blue Ruin “Part Time” Review


Review by Christine Mlodzik

Talk about short but sweet.

Blue Ruin’s new EP “Part Time” has just three songs – “Strung Up,” “Crossfire” and “Medicine Woman” – but each packs a high-energy rock ‘n roll punch.

Blue Ruin is four guys from south Minneapolis who’ve drawn equal influence from their time in the Twin Cities Punk scene and from their favorite soul and R&B records.

“Strung Up” and “Medicine Woman” have a 70s feel. It’s not that they sound like a specific band, but the music would fit in beautifully with that decade’s music catalog. “Crossfire” bridges the two but veers off into a more punk direction.

“Part Time” is a good EP, but I have one snit with it: The vocals. Don’t get me wrong, the vocals are good, but I had to strain a bit to hear “Strung Up” above the instruments. They were louder in “Crossfire” and just right in “Medicine Woman.”

Like I said, it’s short, but it’s sweet.


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