Review – Tom Selleck’s Moustache – Heartbreak 101


Review By Dan Tennyson

There are just certain albums you’re sent or you come across that elicit a pure feeling in your mind. “This was made to make me feel a certain way” In this case, we have the ridiculously peppy “Heartbreak 101” via Tom Selleck’s Moustache. Now now, before you accuse the writer here of hyperbolic hypocrisy. “How can an album possibly be peppy with the title Heartbreak 101?” And I’d retort with a quick, “I have no idea,” but Tom Selleck’s Moustache has managed quite well.

Just as their name harkens back to a simpler time when men had to do manly things to earn the right to wear moustaches — like fix your car, not your latte – Tom Selleck’s Moustache, pump modern life into music that is simply good old fashioned in nature. It’s all the right things about pop infused rock.  Strong back beat, luscious hooks, crisp starts and stops, hand claps, woo-woo’s, smooth dynamics, and a little non-egregious synth. Chewing on the tongue in your mouth that’s also firmly implanted in your cheek helps keep the bubblegum factor on a pop album in check. Joe Jackson knew it, Elvis Costello knew it, tracks like “On the Radio” and “A First Of Four” illustrate this practice perfectly.

True, the bulk of “Heartbreak 101” is upbeat. Until you get to “The Obscure”. I’m personally a sucker for when a band can wedge something in like this song in the middle of what otherwise is it’s polar opposite. “The Obscure” leans back. It’s the song to sitting on the front porch, having a drink and a cigarette as the lines of daylight disappear on a winter evening. All things are calm. All things are as they should be. If  9 out of the 10 tracks on “Heartbreak 101” are Picasso’s rose period, this song would represent his blue. I wouldn’t call it gloom necessarily, but I would call it necessary.

All in all a very well done. “Heartbreak 101” executes on all fronts and avoids becoming pigeonholed.


4 Responses

  1. Wholeheartedly agree.

  2. […] my ear, why it’s Tom Selleck’s Moustache. It also tickled the ear of our reviewer, and you can read the entire moment right here. Along with the unique name, they have locked in an unique CD release party experience you […]

  3. Believe it or not, Tom Selleck shares the same ancestry as the hero, “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall!

  4. No joke, Tom Selleck shares the same ancestry as Royal Winter Wetherald, a client of Kelley Color!

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