Review – Omnitrigger – The Self Titled Horse EP


Review By Rich Horton

I like being surprised, especially by new heavy music. Omnitrigger brings it on this five song EP. Heavy and tight, the band drives through a melodic and musical groove that is sure to keep the music heads intrigued and the more casual listener from getting bored.

They mix heavily off kilter verses with catchy choruses that keep it interesting. The song titles are amazing. Track two is called “The Fucks At The Mall” and track three is called “Lee, I Appreciate Your Willingness To Get Involved”.  Not sure it matters, but good song titles always add points in my book.

I found myself listening to track one “100 Years Of Hermitage” more then a few times. It is my favorite track on the album.

The only gripe I have is the slight fuzz on Johnny ‘Boom Boom’ Taylor’s vocals  seem to be on every track. I would like to hear him belt it out clean, because I assure you he can belt it out.  It’s not a deal breaker though, and I am sure that even though this review is done it won’t the last time I listen to this EP.

You can download the EP here – for free even thought it’s worth way more then that.

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