Duenday’s new album “Good Problems”

Review By Kristine Volovsek

Derivative of the Spanish word for “having soul,” South Minneapolis Hip-Hop group Duenday expresses their souls through music. The group grew out of college parties, and years later still maintains that fun party-vibe throughout their new album “Good Problems.”

“Blast Off” kicks it off with an explosion of energy (video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFxJZmNQbp0). I love the line “It’s kind of sad how they build a glass house and then they rap with their ass out.” “Rollerskate Jam” has an old-school De La Soul feel, but the lyrics and the bass remind you it’s Duenday. “Gimmy That S*%#!” is super catchy. Before you know it, the chorus grabs you and you’re rapping along. That’s the thing – I don’t like the chorus – but I can’t help but say “Gimmy That S*%#!” over and over again to the beat. “Light it Up” tastes a little funky and “Sound Gettin’ Live” is another great party jam.

“Bad Girls” is reminiscent of a few Atmosphere songs about meeting sexy ladies at shows “She’s a bad girl for sure. You can tell by the size of her skirt, tightness of her shirt, kindness of her words.” The song “Things Ain’t Like They Used to Be” features Sean Anonymous who they are playing a show with in Fargo later this month. My favorite track is “Catfights & Caviar.” It’s so smooth and such a chill way to wrap up the album. “Tune into our vibration, promise with every inhalation..”

Overall, “Good Problems” has an eclectic mixture of sounds that make me nostalgic for music festivals. Listening to it makes me feel like I’m back at Harmony Park. Another aspect I like is that instead of making those dub-steppy deep “wahh wahhhs” the central focus of songs (which I feel is a common mistake) Duenday uses those bassy sounds to appropriately accentuate the dance-party feel. “Good Problems” makes the listener eager for the summer shows and backyard parties we Minnesotans wait all year for.

Check out Duenday on April 13 at Club Underground (http://www.songkick.com/concerts/16008259-duenday-at-club-underground?utm_source=1471&utm_medium=partner) and listen to their music at www.duenday.com.


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