Review – They Dead – Lizards All


Review by Nigel Carleton

They Dead is a four-piece rock outfit from Minneapolis. Their new album, Lizards All is a refreshing combination of alternative with elements of punk and metal. From a technical standpoint, the band operates at a mechanical capacity, (one only needs to listen to the drums on “Actress” to confirm this).  The guitar work, vocals, and overall presentation are all reminiscent of 90s rock, and similarities to bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Unwritten Law are called to mind throughout the 30 minute listen. Interesting effects and sounds appear on the album too, but for the most part, these guys play on the down-to-business side of rock.

While they play extremely well instrumentally, it is also nice to see a focus on melody and songwriting as well. The chorus on the eponymous track here  is extremely catchy and well-written, and the guitar riff that appears on the chorus of “Revision” is extremely colorful and adds a lot to the track.

There is nothing really wrong with Lizards All. They Dead is definitely a name to look for on the many rosters of local shows around the twin cities.  They play a style that is familiar, but they also craft a sound of their own, and it is nice to think that something this determined and distinct is coming out of Minneapolis.

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