Chicane Theory “Things Look Up Again”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

Chicane Theory describes themselves as a guitar-driven Midwest indie rock outfit. I don’t know why exactly, but that description seems too simple.

Their new album, “Things Look Up Again,” is smart and soulful. Nicholas Roesler’s distinct voice, accompanied by Peter Anderson’s steady beat on drums along with Casey Virock’s guitars and vocals make for an album that will have the listener craving more and eagerly hitting the replay button.

With the opening chords of “Happily After,” the first song off the album, the listener might just be overcome with the feeling they’ve gotten themselves into something good. As the album presses on through to the end of the last track, “Wired So,” that feeling will be confirmed. Each song elegantly picks up where the last one left off, each song fitting together like pieces of a puzzle.

Chicane Theory is a very mainstream-friendly band and has a sound meant for radio. If they aren’t already, it’s only a matter of time before they are in full rotation on Radio K and the Current.

If I had to rate Chicane Theory’s “Things Look Up Again” I’d give it five out of five stars, or maybe five out of five guitars would be more apropos.


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