Ecid’s “Post Euphoria” EP (release party on 3/23)

By Kristine Volovsek

“At first glance most would think a skinny, blue-eyed hipster looking dude in a flannel with obnoxious Nike’s to match, would be in a post-electro indie-band” (from Ecid’s Bandcamp site However, the notion that “Ecid is the voice to kick a hipster to” is very apparent on his new “Post Euphoria” EP.

Minneapolis MC/producer Ecid has been making music for years and has worked with dozens of local artists. He enlists the help of his friends and colleagues Ashley Gold, Sean Anonymous, and Rapper Hooks on this new release.

On the track “Burn Everything” Ecid considers rebelliously rejecting his material possessions – all he needs is “sex, weed, and yoga.” The “da na na na” in “Dream Boat” reminds me of Cheech and Chong’s “Earache My Eye” (specifically the version that’s hidden on Korn’s “Follow the Leader” album). CrayonBeats’ Tiffology is on to something when she says “If Beavis and Butt-head had a favorite new hip hop track, this would be it. I can picture the two of them in their livingroom dancing, head-banging, throwing up satan’s horns, going along with Ecid’s vocal da-na-na-nah’s, and air-guitaring all over the place.” Ashley Gold’s voice adds a wonderful sweetness to Ecid’s harshly direct lyrics in “Kum & Go.” The chorus “It comes, it goes, and everybody knows..” speaks to how in this business you’re hot one minute and not the next.

Speaking of what’s hot right now, Rolling Stone recently featured “Insomniac by Choice” as one of their daily downloads. I love the fuzzy bass and synthy grit of this song. “Call me a dreamer but I’ve never slept a day in my life.” Transporting the listener back to their youth, “2pac Cobain” uses old-video-game-esque sounds to possibly help give tribute to what influences Ecid, his friends, and their music.

“Akmude Salllam (2013 version)” takes a super serious turn and demonstrates the depth to Ecid’s music – there’s more than just raunchy fun on this EP. It paints a picture of a Middle-Eastern man who came here seeking freedom only to find prejudice and ignorance in a post-9/11 scared and hypocritical America. The last line of the song “and all he had to his name when he died was a frame that contained all the pain in his eyes” gives me shivers every time. This is actually a remake of a song Ecid released almost 7 years ago.

The cleverly thought-out rhymes in “Post Euphoria” continually crack me up and give the impression Ecid plays as hard as he works. Even though he uses humor and tells ridiculous stories, the underlying themes are meaningful and at times political. At the end of many of the tracks are hilarious interludes like the “Post-Poop Personal Body Spray” one and “I’m Sean Connery.” Though not overpowering by any means, there are many drug references – one might even say they’re tastefully dropped throughout the tracks.

I noticed some pretty smart branding involved here. “Post Euphoria” references itself quite a bit, which is a good way to get it in your brain but it’s almost too much. Either way, the name sticks though. I also want to acknowledge the way in which this is being released. “Post Euphoria” is a companion EP to go with an upcoming full-length one. I’ll always prefer quality over quantity, but I’m left unsatisfied because I want to hear more – eagerly awaiting Ecid’s next release called “Pheromone Heavy.” Listen to “Post Euphoria” for free here and checkout the EP release party at the Triple Rock this Saturday – everyone that attends the party will receive a download card for the album.

Fill In The Breaks presents: ECID “Post Euphoria” EP release party + Worst dressed contest!!! “We strongly suggest you dress as trashy and down right obnoxious as possible. Let’s make this fun damn it!”

Saturday March 23rd
Triple Rock Social Club
performances by:
Hosted By Rapper Hooks
DJ Dropkick+DJ Fool Proof
(spinning party jams after the sets)
$8 Advance/$10 at door
9pm doors
18+ to party
tickets available at:
Fifth Element, Electric Fetus, Triple Rock box Office
Order them online at:


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