Review – Live Letters – Featuring Fathom Lane, Holly Newsom and Brent Colbert


By Becca Martin

Arriving for the second time at the Live Letter’s Loft I was slightly apprehensive. Would the evening measure up to my high expectations after I so enjoyed the first? The line up of Brent Colbert from the Awful Truth, Holly Newsom from Zoo Animal, and the band Fathom Lane sounded good so I remained hopeful.  But still, was my first experience a one off? I hoped not.

Brent Colbert was a great opener for the evening. Coming in from warm Salt Lake City he had very kind words about Minneapolis and those of us who love living here.  Admittedly nervous to be in front of a crowd who was actually paying attention, he played a folk rock set complete with cello accompaniment.  To my ears I heard the influence of both Frank Black, and the rhythms of Sonic Youth.  I hope that he visits our frozen city again soon.

Next, Holly Newsom played a smoky and raw set with a confident presence way beyond her years. Shit! She just gave the mic stand a kick, and it gracefully slid 5 feet across the floor. Cool… some have it, some don’t.  Holly Newsom has it. I was transfixed, totally oblivious to the rest of the room. Were you there? I didn’t notice.  In an opposite world I would be Holly Newsom.

Fathom Lane ended the night with their recent inception of country indie rock. The seven piece is complete with slide guitar and stand up bass. I struggled to connect with their slower ballads, but did enjoy their cover of Polica’s “Wandering Star”. The final two numbers were rockers, and that is when I saw a more cohesive band emerge. Fathom Lane is a new venture, and I am eager to see what develops.

I wasn’t disappointed. Live Letters came through for this girl who despises stadiums shows, and everything that they stand for. I find area shows exhausting and canned. That may be the reason that I am committed to seeing venues like Live Letters continue and thrive. You won’t see a Billy Corgan style temper tantrum, or even a slight snub from a performer at the loft. There is honesty in being so stripped bare just feet from your audience. That is what I desire from art, and that is what Live Letters delivers.


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  1. Thanks, Becca!!!

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