Synthesis Opening at Gallery 122 – 3/22


The path to imagination and discovery is through art. These pieces are calling you to the promised land. It would be unfortunate if you missed your chance.

Synthesis  – Featuring the art of Brant Kingman and Silvia Yordanova

Friday, March 22nd. 7-9pm
Gallery 122 at Hang It.
122 8th Street SE, Minneapolis

From the Facebook Event Page –

Yordanova creates watercolor monoprints in which she explores the boundaries and tensions between experience and imagination. Yordanova’s prints are partially resolved images that the mind is compelled to rectify. Her prints are quick expressions that capture the ineffable essence of a moment rather than a narrative description.

Kingman will exhibit his new sculptures: Shields. He produces his shields from found construction waste, transforming the materials by carving and painting them. He adds a twist by cutting a hole in the shield as a frame to hold an iPad. The shields reveal a dichotomy between ancient tribal weapons and modern technology. These shields represent Kingman’s contemporary tribe: The Urban Primitives.

The collaborative component of Kingman and Yordanova’s show is an important aspect to their art. Their exhibit reveals not only engender synthesis between themselves, but also evoke a dialogue with the viewer, dissolving the lines between what is on display and who is the creator; involving the viewer to participate in the moment and become the art. With SYNTHESIS, Kingman and Yordanova emphasize the importance of joining forces between artists and observer, classical art forms and cutting edge image technology.

Featuring DJ Dachery Zoo

Gallery 122 at Hang It is a fine art gallery that features different local artists throughout the year and specializes in custom picture framing and art. Gallery 122 at Hang It is located in NE Minneapolis in between Central and E. Hennepin at 122 8th St SE. The gallery hours are Monday and Friday 9-5, Tuesday through Thursday 9-7, Saturday 10-4, and closed on Sundays.


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