The Morning Kings “Sunrise”


Review By Christine Mlodzik

The new album from The Morning Kings, “Sunrise,” is energetic and layered with rock, folk, funk and jazz.

This six-piece band from Rochester, Minn., created a collection of danceable tracks, and that’s evident with the first song, “The Groove.” The Morning Kings want to you to get up and move and as soon as you hear the first note, I’ll just bet you won’t be able to sit still.

“Red Cactus” has bit of a Tom Petty flavor to it and in “Stay True,” the vocals are a fine fusion of David Gray and Pat Monahan of Train.

My favorite track was “Levity” and I’m surprised as The Morning Kings sound like a jam band; I almost hate to admit it, but I’ve never been a fan of jam bands. But in “Levity,” each band member each brings in their own style and finely weaves together a musical tapestry, which in the hands of less skilled musicians, would be nothing more than chaotic clumps of sound.

My second favorite track was “Breezeway.” The other tracks have a happiness and joy to them, while “Breezeway” is more mellow and evocative. Less danceable maybe, but very listenable.

The Morning Kings have a clear affection for words and melody, and with each listen, “Sunrise” is sure to create new ardent admirers.


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