Dan Hylton “The Secret of Him”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

The latest album by singer/songwriter Dan Hylton is simply a gem. “The Secret of Him” is acoustic-driven with fresh, smart, yet deeply personal and emotional words capturing life’s significant moments and its lessons taught.

The first track “My Friends, the Brits” is the cheekiest. Hylton admits he’s never visited England, nor does he know any Brits (Never really known anyone from England … so don’t dispel my sweet romantic notion) but he does have many artistic and literary heroes from across the pond.

“Green Colored Eyes” switches tracks to something more intimate, a poignant look at his life as husband and father. “The Good Night Loves You So” is grand and poetic and loaded with imagery and written about Melanie from Gone with the Wind. Yes, you read that right. “Boy” captures Hylton’s transition to life after college.

“Standing Above Where You Lay” was written after the death of Hylton’s last two remaining grandparents (We never really sat down and discussed … The years and miles that stretched out between us). It’s a sentimental, sweet way to say thank you to those who passed from this life.

I loved “Standing Above Where You Lay” – I don’t know how it couldn’t tug, make that yank, at your heartstrings.

In the notes for “Green Colored Eyes” Hilton says: “It’s no secret that I often struggle with lyrics, but when I come up with stuff I’m satisfied with, it generally goes really fast.” I find it hard to believe as the “Secret of Him” sounds so effortless.



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