The Silver Heart Club – “Rookie Card”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

The Silver Heart Club is the brainchild of Wisconsinites Bo Weber and Steven Price; they formed the band in 2006 with no musical background, just a love of music.

In the next two years, the duo taught themselves how to play guitar, piano and other supporting instruments. After that, they tackled the basics of audio engineering, and self-engineered and self-produced their first full-length album, “Rookie Card.”

The songs reminded me of late 90s alt rock and many have a Blink 182 vibe about them. The album is a very solid first effort, but I won’t give them an A for that effort because the vocals in “Four Minute Mile” have been electronicified and I personally don’t like affected vocals – it’s a cop-out. From what I heard, Bo and Steven have good singing voices and don’t need to resort to using it.

The Silver Heart Club has potential, but it’s not quiet tapped. All the songs are listenable, but no one song stood out. The music may not be groundbreaking, but it could be a very good summer album.


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