Review – Disaster Bird – While The Skies Change


By Rich Horton

I was wondering why bands would put negative words in there name or album title. It makes it too easy for us reviewers to jump on it, and use it against them. Luckily for Disaster Bird, I won’t take that liberty until the end of the review. It won’t be that bad either, I promise you.

Disaster Bird’s roots based eclectic sound really stands out on this album. They don’t stick to an entirely acoustic guitar sound either, which adds dimension to the songs.

Energetic and bouncy could easily describe a good portion of these songs, and they also have the occasional emotional slow down. It’s almost folk on overdrive, with touches of bluegrass and other old timey vibes.

Disaster Bird is a family affair, with husband and wife Brian and Jessica Perry interchanging vocals and play a wide mix of instruments along with the rest of the members of the band. Did I mention there was some accordion, that’s always a plus in my book.

While far from being a disaster, I think this bird could fly a little higher. While the sparse percussion is sometimes appealing, I really was longing for a little more backbone, like full on drums for some of these songs. That’s just opinion of course, but I think adding that piece to this music would make me come back to it more often.


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