Review – The People Say Fox – Glowcap


By: Nick Habisch

In today’s oversaturated globe-encompassing music scene it is hard for a band/artist to break out of the ocean of music that exists because of the Internet. Duluth-based The People Say Fox are a band that is poised on the edge of breaking into the open, and their newest album Glowcap is a solid, if not spectacular effort by the four-piece.

Opening with the title track, The People Say Fox reveal their musical abilities and style right from the get go. Mixing beautiful melodic guitar and piano with some heavier edged guitar and drums, the music is both intense and calming in its nature. “Ghosts On Parade” and “A Son For A Father” are two tracks that best display this dichotomy in the bands music. One minute a track can be led by just the drums and vocals, and the next the guitars and piano come in and there explodes a cacophony of noise that leads the way until the band calms it down again.

Instrumentally The People Say Fox are not without technical ability. The drums provide steady rhythms, with the occasional fill to keep things moving, the guitars drift between chords and melodic riffs, and the piano shows up to add an extra layer or melody on top of the guitars. “The Whaler’s Line” is a prime example of the talent this group possesses as the guitars and piano drifts along, while the bass and drums hold everything together like glue.

The vocals are another strong point for The People Say Fox, one that helps tie Glowcap together as a cohesive and solid album. Songs like “Record Players” and “Mila” showcase the vocal talent, and although the lyrics can get bogged down in metaphoric abstraction (see “The Whaler’s Line”), they generally come across as having a story to tell.

If there’s anything that hampers Glowcap, it has to do with the music scene as a whole and not the band’s effort. There is just so much proliferation (and popularity) of the Indie Rock scene at this moment that an act like The People Say Fox can be pushed to the side for being “unoriginal” and bland”. Even though the album doesn’t do much to truly distinguish itself from the masses, it is still worthy of a listen, as The People Say Fox have put together an album of solid songs that show off their talent and dedication to their craft.


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