The Hex Schedule – May

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Get your fill Hexagon Bar Schedule Here –

**Tuesday April 2nd~Frozen Teens, Nervosas (Columbus), Mystery Date and Serenghetto
**Thursday April 4th~Brothers Gruesome (Oaklahoma City), Bongonya and Sonic J
**Friday April 5th~Teenage Moods, Natural Child, Mystery Date and Hot Rash
**Saturday April 6th~Nallo (EP Release), Prissy Clerks, France Camp and Worryers

**Tuesday April 9th~Mr. Hide, Homebirth and TBA
**Thursday April 11th~Black Market Brass , Daddy (CD Release show), Cyrus Pireh and Organism
**Friday April 12th~Teenage Strangler, Reagal Treats (Gordon Teenage Moods/Laura Kitten Forever), Kitten Forever and Wild Ghosts
**Saturday April 13th~Pretty Boy Thorson, Chokecherry, Two Houses (Chicago) and Braver

**Tuesday April 16th~Ghost Army, Exiles, Blood Cookie and Slur Mocaston
**Thursday April 18th~Blue Ox, Witchden and Mastiff
**Friday April 19th~Narco states, mystery date (single release) dimensionals and toxic shrews
**Saturday April 20th~”LOCAL LABELS RECORD STORE PARTY!!” w/Blind Shake, Spray Paint (Austin, TX), Rabbit Holes (Local labels set up shop during show for Record Store Day)

**Tuesday April 23rd~Murrieta, Violent Shifters, Victory, Independent Progress and Hudson Falcons
**Thursday April 25th~Featureless Ghost (Atlanta), Dream Weapon (Cassette Release), Tender Meat and Crimes
**Friday April 26th~MAWLL (minnesota arm wrestling league for ladies)  BRAWL #2~Bands TBA
**Saturday April 27th~Hollow Boys, Buildings, Diver Dress and TBA

**Tuesday April 30th~Hot Freaks, In Boil and TBA
**Thursday May 2nd~Teammates
**Friday May 3rd~Buildings
**Wednesday May 8th~Slow Death, Rad Company, Apocalypse Meow, Arms Aloft and The Manix
**Friday May 10th~Retox (JP from The Locust), Blackthorne and TBA
**Saturday May 11th~Giant Dog (Texas, members of Bad Sports, Video and Mind Spiders), Mystery Date and Lutheran Heat
**Sunday May 12th~Miami Dolphins, Wei Zhongle (Carbondale, Illinois) and TBA


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