Crimes (MN) – “Thin Sunlight”

Thin Sunlight Cover

Review by Christine Mlodzik

On Crimes (MN)’s new album “Thin Sunlight,” the band has married a combination of sounds, that on paper, none of which seems like it should belong together, yet it all works in simpatico.

The first chords of “Thrifty Vultures” introduces the listener to a combination of surf rock mixed in with The Cult, and vocals reminiscent of the Everly Brothers.  Starting with the second track, “Wasted Me,” the vocals take on more of an 80s-era British throwback.

Crime (MN)’s harmonizing is quite striking; the female vocals are not as prominent as the male vocals, they are more of a dreamy echo in the background. “Thin Sunlight” evokes a strong visual and feeling of sitting in a smoky dive sipping a martini watching the band on a too-small stage.

“Cloud Creep” is definitely the strongest track; it’s also the first single and has already made its debut on The Current.

Crimes (MN)’s new album “Thin Sunlight” doesn’t release until May 3, but add it to your must listen-to albums of the year.


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