Rockstar Storytellers’ EVIL SHOW 4/7 at Bryant Lake Bowl


The Rockstar Storytellers are at it again, and evil is in their minds. I will let them describe the dirty evil details for  you.

From their Facebook event page –

Trickery. Villainy. Chaos. The Rockstar Storytellers are welcoming back spring with delicious cynicism (and mock duck rolls from BLB). Perhaps we’ll hear a tale about the ole bait-and-switch or a homicidal long-distance lover or an accidental acid trip at Grand Old Days. Or maybe not. Perhaps this whole blurb is a lie. (maniacal laugh)

Featuring tricksters and storms of chaos Maggie Ryan Sandford, Amy Salloway, Allison Broeren, Allegra Lingo, Rob Callahan, Joseph Scrimshaw and musical guest: VALLEY MEADOWS! Hosted by Tom Reed, who is known Cities-wide for his unrelenting villainy.

Doors at 6:00
Show at 7:00

The Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater
810 W. Lake St

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