Review – TW – Destined To Be Real


By Kami-O Betzina

Destined to be Real; unfortunately too expectant..

Acoustic and lush are the sounds off of TW’s (Tony Williams) latest 4 track EP, Destined to be Real.

There’s a great deal of production work on this album, so much that it overpowers the simplistic songwriting and lyrical arrangement. Each song is catchy and has a hook but unfortunately all come off as very mediocre vocally.

In reading the liner notes I was expecting something a bit more soul searching, and haunting but there isn’t much going on vocally; within pitch or range and the lyrics themselves are very simple. “On the surface, the nonsense, the meaningless/ The air surrounding might choke us both.” is to simple and expectant to be a chorus line.

Tony Williams, formerly of the band Staija and this new album is being billed as his “new acoustic rock project.” I’m looking at this album as an experiment in sound, arrangement and writing and am hoping to hear something fuller, vocally intense and lyrically challenging down the road. I do think we’ll be seeing bigger and better things from TW, unfortunately this album just isn’t it.

All Songs and instruments were written and played by TW and was produced/engineered by Colt Leeb at Master Mix Studios in Minneapolis.


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