Tom Selleck’s Moustache CD Release Extravaganza Party Review


By Becca Martin

Being a minion of Rift, I get the opportunity to attend various events. When I am lucky I get exposed to something new. Saturday night was just that. I attended the “Party Extravaganza” for the band Tom Selleck’s Moustache debut CD release “Heartbreak 101”.

I purposely approached this junket in a very uninformed manner. I did zero research on the bands involved or the gallery site. I wanted to experience the night without preconceived notions, and without expectations. In fact I didn’t even know the lead singer’s name from TSM. By the way, thank you Mischa Suemnig for the warm welcome.

Gallery 13 was the place, and it is in fact a working art gallery. It of course had high ceilings with exposed mechanicals throughout. The structural factors contributed to above par acoustics for all of the performances.

Part of what set it apart was the ambience; there were hor dourves, creative cocktails to indulge in, and an overall feeling of whimsy. There was a lot of merch for sale and various moustache swag to enjoy.

The night opened with Brian Deremer, followed by Danny O’Brien of the Farewell Circuit, culminating in the youthful trio the Bad, Bad Hats.    These performers charmed the audience before TSM took to the floor. TSM pulled out all the stops, at one point there were thirteen people creating a wall of sound, from multiple back-up vocalists to a trombone and saxophone player. At every turn the band kept me guessing what might come next. Even if you didn’t connect with the contemporary dancers, the huge effort to entertain was appreciated. The stand out for me was when a marching band style drum corp stormed the gallery. That rocked my world.

The gallery was a great setting, and the “party extravaganza” was indeed that. Bravo to all those who contributed to this special night.


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