The National Poster Retrospecticus in Minneapolis 4/13 at Co Exhibitions


Oh, those crazy poster making artists. This event isn’t totally local, but I have to say we are one of the better poster making cities. There will be many local artists involved, that’s for sure. Plus it features over 75 artists from all over the country. It might just be a must see, and it’s for one night only.

Read the details from the facebook event page.

Featuring a live musical performance from DOSH!

A massive collection of hand-printed gig posters is coming to Minneapolis! The National Poster Retrospecticus tour showcases over 75 of the greatest poster designers in the country. The tour includes heavy hitters like Aaron Draplin, Daniel Danger and Aesthetic Apparatus presenting posters designed for Modest Mouse, Phish, Wilco and many other bands.

The Minneapolis tour stop will also feature a special installation of prints by Burlesque of North America.

Hosted by Co Exhibitions
Produced by John Boilard
Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

More info:

On Facebook:


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