Art Opening – Transfer – 4/13 at SSCA Gallery


I enjoy looking at art, it revitalizes me. Really good art , seduces me. Bad art psychoanalyzes me, it brings me out of a shell and makes me want to do more with the visual arts. So really when you think about it, there is no bad art. It all has an effect on us somehow. Now some of you might say, is Rift saying there is going to be bad art at this opening. No, that wasn’t what Rift was saying at all. Rift is saying all art is good for someone and how are you ever going to find out if you don’t go check it out. Expand your horizons, and read the following description of this art show from their Facebook page. It will blow your mind.

Art Gallery Opening featuring artists Brittni Krieger, Laura Kinser, John Rachwal, Kalie Eckerson, and George Schulze:

We are focused on shaping environments and the transferring of energy, a kinetic potential that is self-evident within our surroundings. Through the repercussions of destabilization, this inevitable change is not always certain and modification is usually inconsistent. We see growth as a transitional progression from one stage to the next. This idea manifests itself within sculptural installations that utilize repurposed materials in order to revive a place that is no longer physical; paintings that reference the preservation of energy through cityscapes; nature taking back the energy it once had; and the notion of transferring one’s self through process. The history of these pieces are not forgotton, but it is rather a progression of history, either seen or unseen.

Opening reception, Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 7:00-10:30pm. Gallery hours Saturday and Sunday 1:00-5:00pm through April 21st. Free and open to the public.

Stevens Square Center for the Arts
1905 3rd Avenue South Minneapolis


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