Review – This is Daybreak – Influence/Coincidence


Review By Nigel Carleton

One is tempted to say that Minneapolis band This is Daybreak has a sense of humor. After all, their bandcamp page proudly proclaims that they are, “5 dudes who use star power to create new universes”. However, on their first full-length release, Influence/Coincidence, the band has ostensibly serious intentions of creating beautiful music that is unique, haunting, and growing. This is Daybreak has every possibility of becoming local big names, and they earn that right on their new album.

Influence/Coincidence consists of nine, heavily acoustic-leaning tracks that vary in style, structure and mood. As a whole, the album has a creeping, warm feel, reminiscent of Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago or Fleet Foxes’ self-titled debut. The production on this release is incredible, especially considering that a majority of the recordings took place in the band’s basement and bedrooms. From what I gather, it took the band over four years to fully realize and record Influence/Coincidence, and this is obvious in the end product. Brass and hazy, electric guitar riffs are presented quite tastefully, and everything is mixed well.

The central vocalist here has a very distinctive, sometimes Isaac Brockian howl (see “Weatherman”), that really helps the band to stand out from other local artists. The lyrical content is almost as varied as the instrumentation, and the band moves between topics concerning religion, nature, history, politics and everything in between. The properly titled, “Election Day” has the line, “If we all died on election day I’m sure your senator would say, ‘The apocalypse is just a phase we’re going through every day’”.

This is Daybreak is definitely a band that Minnesotans should familiarize themselves with. These five guys take a talented, progressive approach to independent rock on Influence/Coincidence. Fans of Local Natives, Bon Iver and Arcade Fire should especially listen up.


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