Plume Varia “Prize | Enable”


Review by Christine Mlodzik


One simple word encapsulates what I’m thinking and feeling after listening to Plume Varia, but I’m guessing that’s too simple a review.

Writing for Rift has given me the opportunity to hear a lot of great local music, but I love stumbling upon the rare song, or songs, that blow me away and Plume Varia’s blew me away.

Plume Varia is the new project of husband and wife Shon and Cherie Cobbs. It was born from last year’s Social Singles (as Days of Rae). The Cobbs have shaped a stunning, lush sound that fits each of their personal styles, as well as pushing them to experiment and expand their musical comfort zone. Their first offering is a two-song single, comprised of “Prize” and “Enable.”

“Prize” starts with a soft piano and Cherie’s echo-ey background vocals, which quickly transitions to her clear, strong voice interpreting somewhat dark lyrics (the ways I live to love you madly can obscure / but I know you don’t have to let me let you go). The effect is haunting, yet very alluring.

“Enable” has a moodier ambiance to its music production, but Cherie’s voice, airy and a touch above spoken word, makes a striking juxtaposition. The end result feels epic and that you’ll be lifted so high your feet will touch clouds.

My biggest complaint with today’s female vocalists is they sound like they’re trying out for an American Idol audition. That is NOT the case with Cherie Cobbs. She has a rare quality in her voice: Power. I can’t tell you who she sounds like as much as how much power and intensity she wraps around each word she sings.

There’s only one thing disappoints me about this two-song single: There are only two songs to listen to. The Cobbs are saving their other songs for a future album, and I hope they release those other songs soon. I look forward to hearing more from Plume Varia.

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