Record Store Day ‘Night’ Party. Local Record Label Showcase 4/20 at the Hexagon

Local Record Label's showcase

They are going to set up a record store at The Hex, with a bunch of local labels setting up to sell their product while some loud bands will be banging away on the other side. It’s brilliant and a great way to celebrate Record Label day.

The Full Details from the press release:

There are a lot record label’s in town and a lot of them do their sales on-line.  For one night, on Record Store Day, a bunch of them will come together and set up a tangible store where you can buy and support the local music scene all in one spot.  The bar side of the Hexagon will become a record store and the venue side will be rocking.

The bands to play are:

The Blind Shake
Spray Paint (Austin TX, SS Records)
The Fuck Yeah’s
Rabbit Holes

The Record Labels so far:

Learning Curve~who will also be releasing an amazing Record Store Day Compilation
Modern Radio
Guilt Ridden Pop
Moon Glyph
Double Asterisk
Cat People
and more…

Saturday April 20th, 2013  9 p.m.

The Hexagon Bar
2600 27th Avenue South
Minneapolis MN, 55406
(612) 722-3454


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