Review – Dichotomy – Nocturnal


By Kami-O Betzina

A Robust Soundtrack

Alex Kauffman told Ben Weise of The PostBulletin he was influenced by the violins in a televised version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, you can definitely hear it in his band; Dichotomy’s latest, Nocturnal.

This 15 track EP is filled with the flavorings of classical music, not just Vivaldi.

There’s plenty of violin on every track but there’s something different about Kauffman and Joe Laurin’s (the other half of Dichotomy) music, just like its classical influences, there are no words. It’s all music, heavy percussion, synthesizers, and tweeting violins.

Using the violin for more a guitar or organ sound, Kauffman experiments with the violin bringing it from the 18th century to the present with it’s whining, guitar type dissonance and current synth flare.

Songs on this album are rolling, sweet, full and robust. The songs are all so beautifully laid out it’s a shame they are not available on some movie soundtrack.

Dichotomy is: Alex Kauffman and Joe Laurin

Dichotomy will be next at: The Fine Line café on May 24th

You can follow Dichotomy on Facebook, Twitter and the Dichotomy website


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