Review – The Phoenix Philosophy – Leap of Faith


By Kami-O Betzina

The latest from The Phoenix Philosophy is bathed in techno-pop songs that make you want to get up and shake your butt!

The band’s follow up to Burning Down the Dance Club, Leap of Faith isn’t short on danceable tracks and catchy lyrics.

Made up of members Jesse Weber- Vocals, Synth, Programming, Stephanie Thorup – Guitar, Vocals, Daniel Schmitt – Bass, Vocals, Ketan Kulkarni – Drums, Programming;  Leap of Faith has a heavier rock sound with its distorted guitars, while Lose Control, Until It’s Over, Burning Romantic and Stars in the Sky are steadily percussive, with heavy synthesizers. All the songs on this album are fun, danceable, filled with energy and catchy lyrics, Leap of Faith is definitely the starting point to where this band wants to go.

If your looking for pop like dance tunes, this band is it! Catch them locally at: –Station 4 in St. Paul on April 30th and at the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis on may 3rd

Leap of Faith is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Big Cartel.


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  1. Thanks for reviewing us! Glad to hear you liked it!

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