May Hexagon Calendar

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** SATURDAY MAY 4TH~ Virgin Whores, Assault and Battery (Milwaukee), Ponx Attax, Ripsnorter and Rebel City Rollers

** TUESDAY MAY 7TH~ The Funeral and The Twilight, Sneaky Creeps, Weakwick and Principality
** WEDNESDAY MAY 8TH~ Slow Death, Rad Company, Apocalypse Meow, Arms Aloft and The Manix
** THURSDAY MAY 9TH~ Porch Knights, Blue Ruin, Sideshow Tragedy (Austin TX) and Black Church Service
** FRIDAY MAY 10TH~ Retox (JP from The Locust, Epitaph Records), Seawhores, Gay Witch Abortion and Blackthorne
** SATURDAY MAY 11TH~ Giant Dog (Texas, members of Bad Sports, Video and Mind Spiders), Mystery Date and Lutheran Heat
** SUNDAY MAY 12TH~ Miami Dolphins, Wei Zhongle (Carbondale, Illinois) and Transitional Species

** TUESDAY MAY 14TH~ City On the Make, Objectum Sexuals (Memphis) and Prison Bus
** THURSDAY MAY 16TH~ Al Church and State, George Morris (frontman of Satin Peaches, Detroit) and Pony Up!
** FRIDAY MAY 17TH~ “Nato Coles Birthday Party” with Nato Coles and The Blue Diamond Band, Lutheran Heat, The Turn Ups, Tyler Haag & Bar and The      Vroom Vroom Chumps
** SATURDAY MAY 18TH~ Witchden, Beastface, God Came From Space and Hot Ashes

** MONDAY MAY 20TH~ Web of Sunsets, Blank Realm (Australia) and Leisure Birds
** TUESDAY MAY 21ST~ Spode Crow Presents and TBA
** THURSDAY MAY 23RD~ Brick Mower (New Jersey), Dead Skull, Ronnie Buxtons
** FRIDAY MAY 24TH~ The Central Division, Mourner, Grass Is Green (Boston) and Ovlov (Connecticut)
** SATURDAY MAY 25TH~ Pabst Blue Rebellion (St. Cloud), The Rock and Roll Whores, The Goodbars and Men of Sports and Leisure
** SUNDAY MAY 26TH~ Old Light (Portland, OR), Driftwood Pyre and TBA

** TUESDAY MAY 28TH~ Cover Band Show Featuring: Black Sabbath, Little Richard, The Cramps and more…
** THURSDAY MAY 30TH~ IS/IS, Chains of Love, The Real Numbers, Shakin’ Babies and Teddy and the Turks
** FRIDAY MAY 31ST~ Pretty Boy Thorson, God Damn Doo Wop Band, Whiskey Jeff & The Beer Back Band and Tyler Haag and The Bar
** JUNE 1ST~Tubby Esquire, Big Surf and Surf Dawgs (featuring Bob Spalding of The Ventures) and DJ Rock The Monkey

** WEDNESDAY JUNE 5TH~ Sete Star Sept (Japan), Cock ESP, Brain Tumors, Irreversible Brain Damage and Sistema Inmundo
** FRIDAY JUNE 7TH~ Falcon Arrow
** SATURDAY JUNE 8TH~ Ex-Nuns 7″ Release, Buildings, Animal Lover and Congorats

** FRIDAY JUNE 14TH~ Oaks (Release show), Leisure Birds, Diva 93 and Hyax
** SATURDAY JUNE 15TH~ Elusive Parallelograms (Milwaukee), Bongonya, Sorry Ok, and Driftwood Pyre
** THURSDAY JUNE 20TH~ Miami Dolphins, Land of Blood and Sunshine And TBA
** FRIDAY JUNE 21ST~ Moon Glyph
** SATURDAY JUNE 22ND~ Shakin’ Babies (Release show), Hot Freaks, Velveteens and Real Numbers
** SUNDAY JUNE 23RD~ Before The Eyewall

** THURSDAY JUNE 27TH~ Gospel Truth (Austin Texas)
** FRIDAY JUNE 28TH~ Prissy Clerks
** SATURDAY JUNE 29TH~ Huge Rat Attacks


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